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Ash Swenson - Beyond Color Art

Ash Swenson – Beyond Color Art

A tasty Bear Paw Cafe lunch was our goal, but I decided to make a pit stop in MOFACO Utah (Modern Farm and Artist Co-op) on Main Street, St. George, Utah, USA. I spoke to a friendly painter/educator named Ash Swenson at the register. She let me know she teaches painting classes and had some of her artwork displayed in the store. We continued to talk while she showed me her paintings and told me about the paint event classes […]

Speakers @ TEDx St. George, Utah Electric Theater

Videos for TEDx St. George – 2022 SALON EVENT Electric Theater

  Here are the YouTube videos from TEDx St. George, Utah on August 18, 2022 According to TEDxStGeorge “We are so excited to share all the hard work our speakers and entertainers put into these talks and performances. We hope you love and enjoy all the amazing topics and conversation pieces just as we have.”

Hannah's Hot Chocolate

Hannah’s hot chocolate

Hannah stared at her hot chocolate like it held the secret to the universe. — Lilith Saintcrow

Alex Boyé at the Sugarloaf

My wife asked me to take some photos today for a school field trip. Luckily, the field trip was at Dixie Rock which is one of my favorite places to hike around and shoot photos. While they were up on the Sugarloaf shooting a music video, I hiked around and snapped some pictures of the event. After about an hour, I thought I heard someone repeatedly shouting my name. I thought I must be delirious from the sun, or the […]

The Epic of the Individual – Stranger Portrait

1. The Epic of the Individual This is a warm-up. I believe that every human life is extraordinary if we have the patience to look. Further, among the key skills that a commercial photographer must have, is the ability to communicate and work with people. Your assignment is to take a portrait of a stranger. The final product is to include a caption with a quote from the subject that gives insight into their life and personality. The photo should […]