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Giant Carpenter Bees on Wisteria

Giant carpenter bees buzzed by my head as I tried to steal a shot. My heart raced every time one of them flew near my ear. Luckily, Debbie’s wisteria plants had plenty of blossoms to keep them occupied.  On a side note, does anyone have a good solution for seasonal allergies? Please make a vaccine for allergies. #bees #wisteria #carpenterbee #carpenterbees #macros #macro #macrophotography#allergies #vaccines #vaccine

Benny’s Golden Ears

Benjamin “Benny” my parent’s golden retriever is one-year-old now. He is still digging holes and eating things he shouldn’t. Everyone he meets falls in love with him, and he loves the attention.

Tutorials for learning and teaching photography

We provide a plethora of photographs and imagery that will please your eyes and soul. We provide instruction and tutorials for photography and videography related software including: Photography tools Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Stellarium Nik Tools Video and videography tools Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects We provide reviews and instruction for using photography equipment and techniques. We welcome all feedback, comments, and constructive criticism.