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Sledding in Powder at Brian Head Resort

We climbed hills near the Navajo lodge at Brian Head Resort in Brian Head, Utah. Sledding is a workout! We had a lot of fun, but there are a number of crashes, wrecks, and fails. This movie was made using a GoPro Hero 4. It was edited with Adobe Premiere.  

The world in motion – Dream Bowl / Breakfast Blitz

8. The world in motion “Dream Bowl” Breakfast is an everyday struggle. After waking up, these two brothers battle it out for their first meal of the day. Who will be victorious? Starring Hudson and Hayden. A short film by Joseph Cowdell for a photography class at Dixie State University. This movie was made using a Canon 60D. It was edited with Adobe Premiere. No sweet potatoes were harmed during the making of this film. Requirements Your Assignment, should you […]

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator

My son received a Minecraft stop motion video kit for his birthday, and we had to try it out. This is his first time making a stop-motion Minecraft movie or any movie, actually. I helped him add some sound effects, but it was all shot with one of my older Canon digital SLR cameras. This was shot using Minecraft mini-figures and Minecraft Animation Studio by my son, Hudson, who is eight-years-old. Minecraft stop motion with Lego Steve mini-figure. Also, it […]