Alex Boyé at the Sugarloaf

My wife asked me to take some photos today for a school field trip. Luckily, the field trip was at Dixie Rock which is one of my favorite places to hike around and shoot photos. While they were up on the Sugarloaf shooting a music video, I hiked around and snapped some pictures of the event. After about an hour, I thought I heard someone repeatedly shouting my name. I thought I must be delirious from the sun, or the fact I didn’t eat breakfast. I kept hearing, “Joe Cowdell! Joe Cowdell!” Feeling anxious, I called my wife to double-check my sanity. She reassured me that it was Alex Boyé calling my name and that my daughter, just talked to him. I didn’t really know who he was before today, and I doubt I will forget this memorable day at the Sugarloaf.

# From Wikipedia #
Alex Boyé (born August 16, 1970) is a British-American singer and actor. He was named the “2017 Rising Artist of the Year” in a contest sponsored by Pepsi and Hard Rock Cafe.

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