Fort Pearce Milky Way with Hayden

Standing alone in the middle of the desert can be troubling, so I brought my oldest son, Hayden. We gathered our camera gear and traveled west of the airport near Fort Pearce. When we arrived and our eyes adjusted to the darkness the milky way stole the show. It was his first time seeing the milky way covering the entire sky and he was amazed!

Hayden is working on his photography merit badge, so he brought one of my old cameras. He was using my crop sensor Canon 60D camera with a Canon L 17-40mm f/4 lens. I shot with a Canon 6D SLR. I used Old Faithful, my manual focus Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 which works well for night photography. You can see quite a bit of light pollution because we were only 5 miles from the city of St. George, Utah. Next time we will journey farther away from city lights.

  • Fort Pearce Milky Way with Hayden
  • Nexus 6P Light Painting

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