Pets and Portraits

The young woman in this set is my cousin, Melanie House, and she recently found out she has breast cancer. She just had chemotherapy and got herself a new wig. My wife helped her with makeup for this photo shoot.

Update 2017: Melanie is in remission, cancer free, and happy to be alive!

4. Pets and Portraits Requirements

1. You are to shoot a portrait of a friend or family member that explains and/or highlights an aspect of their personality that you find interesting. This can be shown via a prop, clothing, facial expression, surroundings, lighting, posing, or any other way you can creatively pull it off.

2. You are also to shoot a portrait of a pet or animal (wild or domestic, your choice, but be safe). The portrait should tell about the animal through imagery rather than just showing the animal. (I.E. including some surroundings or a food source could tell you about a wild animal’s habits)

Lighting for the human must be artificial. It is a major part of your grade for this assignment, so make sure it’s well-executed and done on purpose. Also, don’t do anything with your lights that will spook a dangerous animal (I.E. using flash bulbs close to a horse. . . seriously.)

This assignment is for Digital Photography course (ART 2060) at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah taught by Alex Chamberlain in the Fall of 2015.

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