4K North Star Trails and Milky Way Photography in Pine Valley, Utah · Polaris Vinyl

Long exposure night photography from Pine Valley, Utah. These two sets of photographs capture star trails and our night sky. These sets helped me determine the correct exposure and optimal time for night photography at nearly 7,000 feet (2100 meters) above sea level.
The first set of photographs, Polaris Vinyl, faced the north star (Polaris) and was photographed for over one hour in Pine Valley, Utah, USA.
The second set of photographs, Milky Way Rising, faced east and was photographed for over two hours in Pine Valley, Utah, USA. Next time, I will cut the exposure time in half while reducing the Milky Way's star trails.
Equipment used: Mirrorless camera, 14mm lens at f/1.8 lens, sturdy tripod, cable release
Pine Valley Milky Way Rising 2021-05-16 Joseph Cowdell

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